Ultrasound Video

This ultrasound, an image of my daughter before she was born, has an attractive video, and is set to music. It was a beautiful way to keep the family up to date on the progress my wife was making through her pregnancy.

10 Minute Presentation

This video presents a number of the services Richards Media Net LLC ™ makes available to you, our clients!

Julie Green - Boes Financial Center

Julie Green of Boes Financial Center was in the same BNI chapter as Aaron L. Richards of Richards Media Net LLC™. The members of BNI were tasked with introducing another member of the chapter, and this is Aaron's introduction to Julie!

Programmable Driver Alerts

Programmable driver alerts are a technology due to arrive at any time. We can put wall-paper on our laptops, backgrounds on our tablets, and ring-tones on our smartphones, why can't we configure our cars the way we want them?

Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches aren't just for elevators any more! Show your person and personality to your potential clients with an online elevator pitch. Make it last for about a minute and let people know who you are and what you do!

Video Resume

A video resume is a concept whose time has come! Show off your interpersonal skills, your business acumen, and your great looks! Let potential employers know you are someone who can use technology to your and their advantage!
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