Child's Play

We can scan or photograph images, sound, and video and incorporate those media into a Windows or web-based application. This is an example of graphics my son had created several years ago. We do the tough work, you and your family can do the fun stuff! We can create games or promotional items using your media!

Windows 3D Applications

Using 3D modeling, animation, and video-editing software, Richards Media Net LLC ™ can create 3D manipulation models, promotional software, and games, moving elements in a virtual 2D or 3D environment.

Robot Control

Richards Media Net LLC ™ is big on personal robotics. Our favorite is the ER1 robot from Evolution Robotics. Want robotic demos? Robotic software? We can come by for a short demonstration and show you what a personal robot can do! Assuming you are in the West Michigan area of course!

WebCam Apps

Some of the most interesting applications of computers these days work with video from a smartphone or a webcam. We can create Windows apps that work with your webcam and are only limited by your imagination!
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